12 Reasons to Buy Branded Water Activated Carton Security Tape

Water activated (dry gummed) tape has a host of benefits over poly film carton sealing tapes, particularly when it comes to providing tamper evident security for packed cartons. Typically, the tape is supplied reinforced, which means there is string encapsulated in the tape. Sometimes after cutting the tape, string will protrude from the edge indicating that cutting occurred.

This style of tape can be custom imprinted with your company brand info, in low quantity. When applied correctly, the bond of reinforced dry gummed tape can’t be beat for heavy cartons.

The reason most still use film carton sealing tape is because applying water activated tape requires a table top or automatic dispenser, whereas a lot of warehouses prefer the mobility of hand held tape guns.

Here are 12 solid reasons to consider water activated tape for securing your cartons:

  1. Lower cost than plastic film security tapes
  2. Low minimum order quantity for custom imprinting
  3. No wrinkling caused by handheld tape guns
  4. No stretching (polypropylene will stretch)
  5. Sticky adhesive glue bonds quickly and aggressively to corrugated
  6. Stronger seal for heavy or overfilled cartons—string reinforced
  7. Not affected by temperature extremes as much as plastic tape on corrugated
  8. Excellent tamper evidence —strings protrude and/or misalign when cut
  9. More professional appearance on cartons
  10. One push button or handle/lever convenience with tape dispensers
  11. Can be supplied 3.188” wide, making it difficult to seal over with 2” or 3” wide tapes
  12. (Optional) leave behind red layer when peeled away

To explore your options for branded/ custom imprinted tape, or tape dispensers, contact RighterTrack today!