3 Reasons To Stay Away From Generic Catalog Security Tapes

While procuring generic tamper evident security tapes on-line may be convenient, there are some trade-offs involved. Here are three reasons not thinking through your security application could become a major inconvenience:

1. The tape would not be exclusive to your company, and could be easily sourced by employees or anyone else in the supply chain.

Most catalog houses will sell a single roll of tape, and anyone can purchase the same generic rolls that are used to secure products. I had a chap call me recently asking if I could sell him a single roll of custom printed Amazon packing tape. I could not believe his cheekiness.

2. Products that may have been stored in a warehouse for a long-time could have adhesive failure.

Most adhesive products are warranted for one year from the manufacture date. Purchasing rolls that may have been on the shelf for a year or more could end up causing havoc. Also, under what conditions were the rolls stored in? Areas where temperature and humidity fluctuates frequently are bad for adhesives.

3. It looks less professional on your brand, and often draws unnecessary attention to the product.

A lot of the clunky generic tapes say “tamper evident”, “alert if seal has been broken”, etc., often piquing people’s interest and drawing attention to the carton. It almost says to people “I dare you to open this.” Custom tamper evident tape offers the same or better protection, looks more professional, and won’t draw unnecessary attention.

Thinking through your security application and the reasons why you are implementing this in the first place often reveal the downside with procuring easily sourced generic tapes.