5 Reasons We Don’t Use Quickbooks Software

Quickbooks is arguably the most widely used accounting software for small businesses in the US. Even three of my CPA buddies recommend it for their customers, as it is easy to use and support. Even so, after 2 attempts at implementing Quickbooks, I’ve decided that it is simply not for us.Here are 5 reasons we don’t use Quickbooks:

  • How much is your customer list worth to you? Our valuable data in the hands of Intuit, is not an option. Their platform is proprietary, and if using their on-line service, sensitive data is subject to hacking. Like any other cloud based service, the sites have been prone to outages. A friend of mine was recently not able to log in to create and send a large invoice. This is important for cash flow. In my friend’s case, he had to wait to do his simple accounting task.
  • While user friendly, Quickbooks is not a true accounting system. If not set-up properly, the poor audit trail makes it tougher to find bookkeeping mistakes made by others, and makes it easier to create loopholes. Having the ability to delete prior transactions offers both flexibility, and insanity, and making changes to prior closed periods is an accountant's nightmare.
  • Inventory feature is lacking. If you need to track your inventory, Quickbooks is not the answer. They use 3rd party software vendors for inventory.
  • The initial trial deals are appetizing, but take a closer look at the upgrade pricing. Users are essentially mandated to upgrade, since prior versions are not supported after three years.
  • Technical support services are lacking. Take a look at the on-line form and complaint boards.

I could never get past all of the Intuit pop-up ads after one of my prior software installs. I paid full price for the package, and Intuit had the nerve to advertise more? Stop being held hostage by Intuit. If you have been frustrated by the lack of customer support, then either go with a Sage accounting package, or perform a quick search today to find several open source accounting software options for your small business.


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