5 Tips When Buying or Upgrading Your Label Design Software

Procuring or upgrading your label design software is often a strategic decision that will impact your business for several years. Here are some considerations to get this right the first time:

1. Has the software been written on a current, stable platform?

Some older legacy products that have been laced up with new features are not stable. This can also open the door to security issues.

2. Is the software scalable?

Can your company evolve with it and add more features at a later date?

3. Do you require, or will you require web-based label printing in the future?

Web-based printing has finally become viable. All of the label formats and data can be hosted on the web, and satellites or remote locations can log in and print labels.

4.Test the support team.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to support during the demo phase to confirm your level of comfort and see how your call gets handled. This will also give you a good idea on where the support is coming from. 

5.Consider the distribution channel and long-term viability and stability of the software parent company.

I like to consider recent investments that have been made into a software product, as well as having a strong overall market presence. How is employee morale? Was there a recent merger? 

Before you upgrade or purchase new label software, feel free to contact George Righter at 215-493-7191 or info@rightertrack.com to ensure you are headed down the right path.