Be Happier 7 Days A Week!

What is it about Friday’s? Science has proven that happiness improves on Friday’s. Obviously it must have something to do with being on the eve of cherished weekends. For some of us this means being close to taking a break in our 40-60 hour routine and workweek. It is a chance to maybe sleep in for a change, or a chance to hit your favorite fishing hole, golf hole, spend quality time with the family, or just have fun doing what you like to do.

What if Monday’s could feel as loose or as relaxed as Friday’s? I recently snapped up a book with the catchy title, “Every Day A Friday.” I mean, who wouldn’t want to feel like they do on Friday, every day of the week? The author is a guy named Joel Osteen, who I saw on TV before, but had no idea who he was. My wife and I assumed he was a handsome Jewish dude with excellent public speaking skills. As it turns out, Osteen is a Christian Minister who helps people via his books and public speaking tours. He is so popular that he now has his own Sirius/XM station.

This book made it to the #1 New York Times Bestseller list, and for good reason. The book is chock full of real-life examples, that are presented to show how happiness is dependent on choice rather than circumstance. While some non-Christians may not welcome the Christian themes, as a fellow Christian I embrace them. After reading through the entire book, I find myself going back and highlighting some good points. So for some folks a book like this that can and should be referenced on a regular basis in a way acts like, dare I say it, a personal Bible for remaining positive and being happy.

The main premise of this book is based on a quote from Abraham Lincoln who said “Most people are as happy as they’ve decided to be.” Easier said than done, I know. But the book takes a decent stab at flushing this out and providing real life scenarios to help increase our level of happiness. At any moment we do have much to be happy about and thankful for.

Here are a few examples provided by Pastor Olsteen:

Negative: “Well, I’ve got to go to work today.”

Positive: “I get to go to work today. I have a job. I have an opportunity. That’s reason enough for me to have a smile on my face.”

Negative: “Well, I’ve got to buy my wife a Valentine’s Day Gift.”

Positive: “You have been blessed with a wife. You get to buy her a gift. And if you don’t, you will be unhappy, because if Mama is not happy, nobody is happy!”

There is a healthy dose of humor included as well, which makes for fun reading, but his direct to the point writing cuts though: “Get out of the business of manufacturing unhappiness. Quit dwelling on what’s wrong. Quit seeing the faults and start seeing the good. Start being grateful for what you have. Appreciate the gift of today.”

Yes, sometimes much easier said than done, but at least the book clearly spells out and provides direction to ways in which we really can be more in tune and feel like every day is a Friday!


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