Beware: Scammers Out In Droves

Help! The scammers are out in droves. Here is one recent example I received this week, and a few tips on how to determine if a potential lead or sale is legitimate.

The Inquiry

Attention Sales dept, Please do get back with full total cost and availability quantity for the Genuine ZebraCard Printhead parts numbers below: Product/Order Detail ( OEM ONLY ) ; ZebraCard Printhead for P310,P320,P420,P520 Model#:105909-112 ------15pcs Please calculate shipping charges Via UPS or FEDEX next day air to (Augusta, GA 30906,USA). Please ensure prices you bring are for Original Cart of Zebra Brand. Payment is prepaid via credit card.As soon as I receive your full quote I will email you with my creditcard details. And also let me know which credit card type you accept between VISA/MASTER/AMEX and DISCOVERY CARD... We looking forward hearing back from your side with the pricing quote upon which will advise back once it is approved . You can either email us back with the quote to (

Regards, DAVID MOORE ES Components, Inc. 108 Pratts Junction Road Sterling, MA 01564 +1877-310-8667 / +1978-612-0544 PHONE 877-256-8720 FAXE Email:

The Red Flags

I also received the above email as a fax. The first red flag appeared when I opened the email. The return address was as follows: Nobody ; on behalf of; DAVID COMERFORD

A more legitimate inquiry would have arrived from a true company domain. Blumail is notorious for scam emails.

Also note that he wants the freight cost to Agusta, Ga, but his company is located in MA. He wants the goods shipped next day air—note his urgency to receive an order with a value of over $8,000. And of course, any time someone is eager to provide THEIR credit card details, heed the warning. A quick visit to ES Components web site shows a different local phone number for the 978 interchange. Finally, the email is signed from a David Moore, and the email is from a David Comford. The telltale sign? His fax was signed by a David Comorford.

The FCC's Response

I decided to contact ES Components, and spoke with their controller, who informed me he already turned the case over to the police and FCC. Their response? Nothing can be done because no fraud has been committed—only attempted fraud.

It’s competitive enough doing business these days, without having to wade through land mines being planted by foreign, unethical human beings. What a drag on our society. Being cautious before responding to scammers has now become a daily part of doing business, hogging our time and precious resources.


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