Custom Printed Full Bleed Durable Label

Aqua Chempacs is a manufacturer of concentrated cleaning tabs. Although they are able to print their own color labels in-house, their ink jet QLS printers are simply not able to achieve the desired quality, with the required material configuration. Chempacs requires a glossy custom label that is water and chemical resistant, with a dynamic lot number, for their automatic bottle labeler.

RighterTrack was able to provide suitable labels produced digitally—and even at a better price point than if produced in-house!

The features of this durable label are as follows:

  • Aggressive tackified adhesive for quick adhesion to polypro and plastic bottles
  • Polypropylene film is water resistant, and conforms around bottles and shapes better than paper
  • Polypropylene laminate encapsulates the printing offering durability and water resistance; ink jet primer coating is not able to be re-soaked and removed
  • Full color printing via CMYK makes the orange color match a snap
  • Full color ink bleeding to the label edges, with no ink on the backing liner
  • Crisp tiny fonts in white reverse orange printing
  • UPC Barcode
  • Sequential lot # can be changed on the fly

The end result produced beautiful, high-quality, durable labels. This job was turned around in 7 working days, including receipt of artwork, proof, and tooling.

Please contact RighterTrack today for help with your custom printed label job, or for a cost comparison for your own in-house label printing system.