Does Your Carton Security Tape Work? A Lesson from Urban Outfitters

My daughter’s Urban Outfitters package had finally arrived from UPS. There was a nice looking, custom imprinted tape securing the carton. The tape was clear polypropylene, with an opaque white ink, reverse printed, around the thick block text.

For tamper evidence, the print pattern would be difficult to line up and re-apply if cut. Most of the PC manufacturers still use this type of inexpensive carton tape for providing tamper evidence, indicating that a box has been opened.

A harmless prank, but a cautionary tale…

I tried pulling up the tape from the side of the carton, and voila! I was able to remove the tape in a single piece, without disturbing the print, without pulling box fiber, and without voiding the adhesive! This made it easy to remove the contents (in this case she ordered some pillows for her dorm). I was then able to reapply the tape. The carton looked identical before and after tape removal and opening.

Example from Urban Outfitters of ineffective carton security tape

My daughter was relieved to learn her opening a sealed but empty carton was only a prank. I saw this as an opportunity to educate my daughter on how our family business helps companies secure their goods.

All joking aside…

While a couple of pillows aren’t considered high-value items, there are options available to better secure Urban Outfitters’ cartons, by providing some tamper evidence if the box has been opened.

5 suggestions to enhance tamper evidence:

  • More aggressive adhesive that tears box fibers—hot melt or synthetic rubber based
  • Tape with break-away and leave behind adhesive message OPENED
  • Consider custom exclusive options rather than easily sourced generic 
  • Tape with serrated edges or cuts to aid in tearing
  • Water activated tape is an excellent fit for cartons

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