Epson C7500G Color Label Printer: 10 Troubleshooting Tips

By George Righter

My recent visit to Epson HQ in Long Beach CA was fun and informative. Epson held a comprehensive training session for their Colorworks TM-C7500GE printer model that involved hands on instruction and troubleshooting tips. The later part of the day involved training with Wasatch’s SoftRIP color matching software.

When I entered the lobby, I was impressed by a giant robot off to the side. While a picture would have been nice, I didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot, as I pictured a Japanese SWAT team descending from the ceiling to haul me away. Yes, very tight security, and no photos allowed! Everyone in security and the lobby were professional and respectful. 

It was nice to meet the Epson crew; Al Wesely, the technical support/product manager, provided most of the instruction, and I finally got to meet my rep, Kim Voss. The software portion was instructed by Ryan Lee from Wasatch, who demonstrated his SoftRIP color matching software.

Here is a brief list of some take away points that may help you troubleshoot Epson C7500G configuration or set-up:

  • The Epson driver expects the label size and media detection to be set first!
  • If “Media Error” is displayed, run calibration BEFORE pressing Pause
  • The C7500 is a batch printer. The on-board cutter is made to cut label stock at the end of jobs. In order to sheet or cut individual labels an external, high-speed cutter is available from a 3rd party.
  • It is best to leave the printers powered on all of the time. They will go into sleep mode on their own, and will periodically do a nozzle check and cleaning. There are 12,800 nozzles in the printhead. Re-powering the printer on and off will only waste ink.
  • The Page Width setting includes the liner. So a 4” wide label with a 1/16” extended liner = 4.125”
  • For die cut labels, the gap between labels must be between 3-6 mm.
  • Error codes can be viewed in the Technical Reference Guide
  • There is no need to reduce the print speed. Print quality is not impacted.
  • Epson offers their free Color Assist Tool on the web. It basically allows you to assign the mix or percentage of RGB values.
  • The proper tool for color critical applications is the Wasatch SoftRIP Label Edition Software. It offers both CMYK and RGB options. The CMYK is more suitable for color ink jet printing, whereas the RGB method is used for faster variable data printing.

Hopefully the above tips will help troubleshoot and provide a solution. Feel free to contact George Righter direct with any questions, or for advice or assistance with your color label printing application.