FDA to Revise Rules for GHS Labeling

If you are a manufacturer who is required to print GHS/OSHA labels, please be aware of newly proposed OSHA rules: new and revised hazard classifications, revised provisions for updating labels, and new labeling provisions for small containers and drums. Approval of the new rules could be complete in January 2024.

Rightertrack helps hazardous material manufacturers, importers, and exporters meet these requirements, by providing two options. We provide in-house label printers, blank or pre-printed labelstock and software for durable GHS labels, or we can print and laminate custom GHS labels digitally for you within 1 week.  

We are 100% American owned and operated. Contact George Righter for help and information about your company’s GHS labeling requirements at 215-493-7191 or info@rightertrack.com.