Gallien Kruger’s Advanced Label Design for Monochrome Thermal Printers

Last year I received a new bass amplifier from an outfit in CA named Gallien Kreuger. They are famous for their bright, punchy sound, and have been around since the 1970’s. I was impressed with how they utilized their single-color label designs, and multi-part labels on the product carton.

Reverse Printing

Their GK logo is well-suited to be printed in reverse – notice how their original logo is black, but on the label the black and white areas are swapped or reversed. This makes the logo more noticeable and provides more impact. They also use reverse printing on the small 100-120 voltage label, so essentially it looks like white printing on a black background label. Again, this provides more impact.

Proper Fonts

The product model MB 500 and the serial number are displayed in clean, crisp, bold fonts.

Multi-part label

The product label has 2 smaller barcode labels at the bottom, for a total of 3 parts to the label. The bottom two barcodes are duplicate labels that can be re-affixed elsewhere later.

2 Ply Labels

Notice how the 2 barcodes at the bottom of the product label have some extended liner on the left side. The barcode labels can be peeled off and re-affixed elsewhere.

Standard UPC label

UPC label is required for retailers. The first part of the UPC code is Gallien Kruger’s entity registration number, the second part of the code is their model number.

The examples above show how companies can get more out of their label designs with some added functionality. I can help you with barcoding, RFID, label design, and label management. Call me today at 215-493-7191, or

Note: This article was written and edited by a human!