In-house or Outsourced Labels?

Not sure about printing your own labels on site? We can discuss your DIY printing options and provide cost comparisons for all types of labels. If you are a proper fit for in-house printing, we will work with you to select the proper label printers. We support what we sell.

In some cases, printing labels in-house is the best fit. But for durable laminated labels, borders that require full edge-bleeding, and labels that require specialty materials, buying from a commercial label converter is the most viable option.

Today, companies are learning that they can easily and quickly purchase custom labels that are manufactured digitally. This means no printing plates are required, and in some cases tooling costs for custom die sizes are avoided with new laser capabilities that can cut any shape on press.

Custom orders with low minimums are now standard in the industry. Since the labels are produced digitally, variable data that changes on each print job, such as dates and lot numbers, can be revised on the fly.

Surprisingly, purchasing labels outside is typically more economical than printing on site. The only real downside is the 5-7 day lead time required to process finished labels. For most companies this is not an issue.

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