Print Customized Security Tape in House

Customized Security Tape vs. In-Stock Generic Tape

Most companies involved with implementing security packaging in their distribution channel, whether from a customer mandate, or on their own accord in an effort to prevent internal theft, recognize that customized products are the way to go. In a lot of cases customized tamper evident security products are a no-brainer when compared with generic products procured from catalogue and on-line resellers.

Generic products are typically procured for easy convenience, price, and the ability to purchase in minimal quantities. The downside to this is that anyone can procure the same generic products, which have been purchased to deter theft. Research shows that a large part of theft and pilferage occurs internally.

For most, the statistics on internal employee theft are rather jaw dropping.

On the other hand, customized products, including tapes, can include their own company logos, background colors, widths, invisible inks, and leave behind messages. The problem is that customization has its cost, and for small production runs of say 25 rolls, the cost is typically prohibitive.

New Cost Effective Tamper Evident Solution

After several years of testing various security films, and laboring over potential solutions, I am happy to report that RighterTrack, Inc. can now offer a solution that puts in reach, a customized tamper evident security tape option for any sized business.

This solution includes a one-color thermal transfer roll printer, design software, rolls of the security film, properly matched ribbons, in black or other color, and handheld security tape applicators.

This solution allows companies to imprint their logos, lot numbers, dates, barcodes, and any variable information they choose onto the security tape. Rolls can also be pre-printed in colors or with invisible inks to enhance the final solution. Prior to this, customized tamper evident security tapes meant ordering large quantities in advance, and tying up cash for inventory.

Tamper Evident Security Material Requirements

The sticking points (no pun intended) in finding a suitable solution up until now were:

  • Material needs to be a viable option for providing security and tamper evidence.
  • Locating a material that could be procured rather than custom adhesive coated.
  • The material has to have the ability to run smoothly, and consistently, in production, while being converted to finished rolls.
  • Material needs to have the ability to be printable/customized at the customers’ locations
  • Tape rolls or pre-cut labels needs to be applied with portable tape guns or label applicators

New Tamper Evident Security Label Film Features

This new offering meets all of the above requirements! Check out the features listed below.

  • Rolls are easy to handle
  • Paper liner backing protects the adhesive and extends the shelf-life
  • Film will shred or delaminate once it bonds to the surface
  • Film is not able to be removed in large pieces once applied
  • No need for leave behind message; film can’t be peeled away
  • Film is hard to tear when being applied unless offered with nicks or serrated edges
  • Custom printing helps negate re-alignment of cut tape
  • Works great on cartons, and pallet wrapping
  • Water resistant
  • Aggressive acrylic adhesive bonds quickly and holds up well in extreme temperatures
  • Decent price point
  • Can be ordered in small quantities
  • Can be supplied in your specified width
  • Can be pre-printed in color and with invisible inks
  • Can also be supplied as pre-cut labels

For more information or to request a sample, contact George Righter at 215-493-7191.