Security Holographic Labels Save The Day

By George Righter

With the abuse of prescription painkillers at record levels, medical professionals are required to be one step ahead of the addicts. Back in 2007, the gov’t stipulated that in order to be classified as tamper resistant, a written prescription must contain at least one of the following tamper evident features:

  • The prevention of unauthorized copying
  • The prevention of erasing and modifying the prescription
  • The prevention of counterfeit prescriptions

While tamper evident prescription pads meet the above requirements, so does affixing a special label onto the Rx paper or Rx pad; at about 20% less than the price of the tamper evident pads.

Rx Stickers Replace Tamper Resistant Pads

This special Rx label is made from a metallic holographic foil that turns black when photocopied. This holographic label also has a tamper evident feature that prevents removal while providing tamper evidence. In this case, when the top layer is peeled away, a honeycomb adhesive pattern is left behind on the substrate. Once peeled away, the label can’t be re-affixed. The labels can be custom imprinted, and serialized, and the holograms can be designed from scratch, in order to provide a total exclusive holographic label. Custom holograms become nearly impossible to counterfeit and duplicate.

Some other uses for the same type of tamper evident, holographic labels include:

  • Authentication of membership ID cards and transit passes
  • Authentication of branded products
  • Authentication of Rx medical prescriptions
  • Prevention of tampering with PC’s and electronic devices

Has sourcing tamper evident Rx pads been challenging lately? Does your company have a requirement for security holographic labels? Contact George Righter today to discuss your options. 215-493-7191 or e-mail