Tamper Evident Security Tape – Tamper Stop vs. Competition

USA Made Tamper Stop Tape

Tamper Stop security tape continues to be produced in the USA. For certain tamper evident applications, it is the best hidden graphic leave behind residual tape on the market. Yes, it is more expensive than competing imported tapes, but for good reason.

Not everyone will have the best fit with our tape, but for certain applications, Tamper Stop is the exclusive fit.For ultra-price sensitive applications, and for packaging companies who resell this type of tape, we’ll typically quote imported tape. We outline the difference below.

Tamper Stop is made from a durable polyester film that holds up outdoors, resists UV rays, and will not tear. It is also truly adhesive coated, as opposed to laminating transfer adhesives. This results in a much longer shelf-life, less pre-mature roll “tripping”, and more overall consistency

The film is printed, adhesive coated, and slit all under the same roof in the Delaware Valley. We can provide custom leave behind graphics or logos, in your desired color for only a 100 roll minimum. Our process requires 5-6 weeks.

Imported Security Tapes

All of the competing tapes we’ve tested are made from a polystyrene or polypropylene. Both materials will tear, which is fine for a lot of applications, but not all. Larger, heavy cartons with high value contents would not be a good fit with a tape that tears for obvious reasons.

Producers have also transitioned over to utilizing laminated or transfer adhesives, instead of actually adhesive coating the film. So essentially, the transfer tape gets laminated to the film. As a general rule, adhesive coating with liquids will flow and “wet out” much more consistently than solids or pre-made adhesives. Transfer adhesives may exhibit “fish eyes” or pockets that when married to the film, cause havoc when unwinding the rolls. This gets too expensive, when lots fail in the field. We’ve tested some transfer adhesives where the lamination wasn’t 100% in some spots, and the top layer of tape was permitted to be pulled away without tripping the tape.

28 Years Experience

RighterTrack offers more custom branded security tape solutions, along with 28 years of experience.

George Righter works with companies of all sizes to implement custom tamper evident security solutions. He’s served the tamper evident security industry since 1990, before brand security in the US became fashionable. For more information contact George Righter today.