Bar Code Readers and Scanners

RighterTrack provides portable handheld bar code readers and a variety of bar code scanners.

Bar code reader and scanner types include laser scanners, cordless bar code scanners, linear imagers, 2D bar code imagers, signature capture, ANSI bar code verifiers, and hand held portable data terminals (PDT's) including PDA's with integrated bar code scanners. RF/wireless bar code readers are also available. Ask about our scan and print systems.

When selecting a bar code reader there are a few things to consider:

  • Portable hand held or fixed position bar code scanner
  • Scan zone and bar code size range
  • Aiming accuracy
  • Connection Type (serial, USB, keyboard wedge, RF)
  • Bar code symbologies
  • Programming options
  • Environmental conditions
  • Budget

We offer top-notch service along with competitive pricing. Please contact us with your bar code scanning application today.

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