Merial's Genuine Brand Security Hologram Sticker

A Genuine Purchase

We just purchased our monthly Frontline Plus flea and tick treatment for our black Lab and notice that Merial includes a security hologram sticker on their package. The purpose of the sticker is to let us consumers know that our purchase was genuine, and not counterfeit.

6 tamper evident features of this security sticker:

  1. The adhesive bonds aggressively to the cardboard package
  2. If peeled up, the sticker delaminates, and can’t be re-applied
  3. Four kiss cut circles within the sticker will also indicate if the label has been peeled away
  4. The metallic portion reveals “security” text, as well as some text when tilted in the light.
  5. The sticker can’t be photocopied or duplicated
  6. The sticker contains custom printing, as well as a registration mark for the label affixing equipment

Enhanced Security

Merial Security StickerOne suggestion I have for further securing Merial’s brand, would be to implement custom imprinted holograms. While text is visible when tilted in the light, the text is generic; the name of the company who produced the holograms. If an additional level of security is desired, custom imprinted holograms are an option. When tilted in light, rather than seeing generic text, the end consumer would see Merial’s custom design imprinted on the holographic foil.

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