Customized Tamper Evident Labels

Custom Tamper Evident Labels

RighterTrack tamper evident security solutions include VOID labels and tamper evident labels, security seals, and security tapes that provide visible evidence of tampering or opening.

While these security labels, tamper evident seals, and security tapes do not make the products or containers "tamper proof" or "tamper resistant", they instead indicate "tamper evidence" or show that the product or package has been opened, tampered with, or pilfered. Tamper evident security label and security seal examples include security asset labels and tags, product warranty VOID tamper evident labels, computer security label seals, bag seals, chemical drum security seals, diesel tank seals, drug transport security seals, carton sealing printed security tape, TSA tape, bag sealing tamper evidence tape, and container security seals and security tape.

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Destructible Security Labels

destructible security label Some security labels and seals are very brittle and will self-destruct or "nick" when tampered with, referred to as destructible security labels. This prevents "swapping" of labels. Typical applications that use this destructible label material are warranty stickers, or asset tags.

Tamper Evident VOID Seals | Warranty Labels

VOID label Other tamper evident security labels and seals contain a hidden graphic and will leave behind a residual message when they are peeled away. These are often called VOID seals or VOID tamper evident security labels. Common messages are "VOID", "OPENED" and checkerboard patterns, but custom tamper indicating messages are available as well. This type of security film is commonly used for tamper evident warranty labels, product enclosure security seals, chemical drum seals, and for some carton security tapes and bag sealing evidence tapes.

Holographic Foil Security Labels | Security Seals

Holographic foil security label Holographic foil security labels and security seals are available that are very difficult to duplicate. When tilted in the light, the holographic image authenticates the protected item. Custom and generic patterns are available. Holographic, metallic patterns are difficult for photocopying, cutting and realigning, and counterfeiting. Typical applications include prescription pads, ID cards, and brand product labels.

We also offer security seals, security labels, and security tape made from a proprietary film that changes color if it is peeled away. The main benefit of this film is the ability to see tamper evidence from a distance.

Security Tape Rolls

Security tape rolls, often referred to as "Void Tape", "Carton Security Tape" or "Evidence Tape", can be supplied in your specified width and length; standard size rolls are 2"' wide and 60 yards in length. The standard message is "OPENED". Minimum purchase for custom orders is 100 rolls.

For carton security applications where operators can apply tape from fixed locations, take a look at the benefits and cost savings of our water activated carton security tapes.

Custom options | Small or large runs available

All of our tamper evident security products can be customized for your requirements. We can customize colors, sizes, adhesives, printing and serializing on large production runs.

Minimum runs of security labels and seals for as little as 500 pieces are available (standard products). Minimum order is $300.

We can also provide you with blank security label stock and a thermal transfer label printing system so you can print logos, serial numbers, or any variable information, in-house on-demand!

Let our experts help you make the right Security Label choice

Our security tape and label recommendations are based on particular applications and requirements, as opposed to catalog offerings. Purchasing tamper evident security labels and tapes with an online catalog store may offer convenience for some customers, assuming they know exactly what they require, but everyone in the distribution channel would have the same easy access and ability to purchase in small quantities—this compromises security and is not a good fit for most security solutions. This is why we speak with each and every customer we do business with. Please contact RighterTrack with your security label or tape application today.

Note: All correspondence on security labeling applications is kept confidential.

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