Exclusive Design Holograms

Rightertrack will help your company design and implement your own custom hologram labels. We offer an array of exclusive tamper evident features.

Not only do exclusive holograms help with securing and protecting your brand, they can provide a marketing edge in certain instances.

Here are 7 reasons to contact RighterTrack for your custom manufactured holographic security labels:

  • Our holograms are produced via Kinemax/Dot Matrix, which is one of the most advanced holographic technologies available. It offers super security via secret codes, nano text, and sparkles visible from every angle. Kinemax is much more secure than “2D/3D” which is a common older technology and easier to copy.
  • We offer over 8 different film colors, which helps your brand stand out on the shelves. The special colors are an enhanced security element as most others typically only offer silver film.
  • Our pricing is competitive and the minimum order quantities are reasonable for most small companies.
  • We offer laser serial numbering which cannot be modified making it extremely secure. Most others simply ink print their serial numbers.
  • Holograms can be registered in the IHMA (International Hologram Manufacturers Association)
  • Barcode holograms can be printed on the “Achromatic White” element available on Kinemax masters. Barcodes on normal holographic films are typically unreadable due to reflection from the metallic film.
  • HRI transparent holograms with laser numbering are more secure since each hologram has a serial number on a silver holostrip. These have become popular with banks, pharmaceutical companies, and transit agencies.

For more information, samples, quotations, or design consulting, please contact RighterTrack today!

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