Print Your Own Barcode & RFID Labels

RighterTrack will help you comply with Barcode and RFID label mandates from the Department of Defense (DoD) and your customers’ requirements such as Walmart and Target.

Fulfill your case carton-to-item level tagging industry standards. No more relying on service print bureaus; print your own UID and DOD compliant Barcode RFID labels in-house as needed. RFID-123: We make it simple.

Barcode printers with RFID printing and encoding features utilize blank labels with embedded RFID chips (transponders). In a single step, the printer will read, write, and verify the RFID chip inside the printer. In the case of a tag failure, the RFID printer will mark the tag and advance to the next one. This is essential for mission critical applications.

We will analyze your requirements, provide sample barcode or RFID labels you can submit for customer approval, then provide you with your own label printer bundled with Loftware or Bartender RFID encoding, design software, and blank or preprinted RFID tags.

We provide training, support what we sell, and have earned new business strictly from referrals the past 23 years. Don’t end up with printers on the shelf because someone overlooked a detail, and don’t paint yourself into a corner with having to procure proprietary labels and ribbons.

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