User-friendly Bar Code Data Collection Software

This user-friendly bar code data collection software is bundled with AML’s USA Made handheld devices. DC Suite software includes seven data collection applications that handle common barcode data collection tasks, making it ready to go right out of the box.

For more robust or custom data collection tasks, simply use the included DC Console software to modify these applications or create your own from scratch.

Once all of your data is scanned/input, you have built/created a database. This collected data then gets uploaded to any Windows® PC program such as Excel, using a USB or WIFI link and the DC Sync software utility.

user friendly barcode data collection software | RighterTrack

Includes 7 Common Data Collection Applications:

  1. Item Count
  2. Item Number, Quantity
  3. Item and Serial Number
  4. Item & Lot Number, Quantity
  5. Asset Tracker
  6. Compare /Validate 2 Scans
  7. Check In/Check Out

Minimum Requirements:

  • AML DC Suite Compatible Device
  • Windows® XP or Above OS
  • Microsoft™ .NET Framework 3.5

Barcode Data Collection Downloads

DC Console - Create Custom Barcode Apps

DC Sync - File Transfer Utility

DC Suite - Seven Common Barcode Apps

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