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5 Tips When Buying or Upgrading Your Label Design Software

Procuring or upgrading your label design software is often a strategic decision that will impact your business for several years. Here are some considerations to get this right the first time:

A Smart Label that Records Time and Temperature

Smart labels allow users to see the temperatures their product was exposed to, and where in the supply chain the temperature variations occurred.

6 Tips to Increase the Life of Your Thermal Transfer Printheads

Routine printer maintenance will enable you to maximize your investment and get a lot more life out of your thermal transfer printheads and label printers.

6 Overlooked Tips When Buying a Color Label Printer

Rather than considering only the price and features of a color label printer, here are six overlooked tips during the discovery and purchase phase.

3 Reasons To Stay Away From Generic Catalog Security Tapes

While procuring generic tamper evident security tapes on-line may be convenient, there are some trade-offs involved. Here are three reasons not thinking through your security application could become a major inconvenience.

How to Print Full Bleed Labels with an Ink Jet Roll Label Printer

Folks who purchase full color label ink jet printers are often disappointed to learn that they are not able to print labels with full bleed, or that has for example, a background that covers the entire label. There are two workarounds for this.

How To Set Up a GS1 2D Datamatrix Bar code with Nicelabel 2017

We go through each step to easily design and print GS1 2D Datamatrix barcodes with Label Matrix 2017.

Color Label Printer Options for 2017

There are more color printer options available at this time than ever before, but there are only a few companies that can truly stand behind what they manufacture. Here, I narrow down the field to my best recommendations.

7 Reasons for Upgrading Mobile Devices to Android OS

Currently, for mobile applications and in general, OS porting to Android OS is the simplest and offers the most flexibility across the board.

NiceLabel 2017 Label Management Software

With the latest release of NiceLabel your company has a label printing workflow that has powerful customization, is easy to use, and scales for the future.

Custom Designed Security Hologram Labels

It has finally become viable for any size brand or company to design, and implement their own custom tamper evident hologram labels. Take a look.

In-House Full Color Durable Label Printing Options

Here we are approaching 2017, and while there have been a plethora of new printer model offerings, new companies, and data that points to exponential growth for in-house color label printing, the challenges continue to remain the same.

Linerless Label Pros and Cons

While doing away with the backing liner reduces materials, linerless labels still only see a proper fit with limited applications.

Portable Data Collectors and Handheld Barcode Readers

Portable data collectors (also called PDT's, and portable data terminals) with integrated hand held bar code laser scanners or readers, collect data and information in remote and off-site locations.

FIPS 2 Label Certification –Testing Labs Required

Tasked with sourcing FIPS seals? Rightertrack can help get you where you need to be, in a hurry, and has over 1MM approved FIPS seals in use around the globe.

Thermal Transfer Printer Troubleshooting and Fixes

RighterTrack blogs and posts our thermal printer field service calls, in order to help others troubleshoot their label printing issues.

Sustainability Programs for Your Business

Implementing a program for reducing, reusing, and recycling in your company is not rocket science—but it does require everyone in the organization to be on board. Where can you conserve resources in your company?

Specialty Detective Inks Provide Visual Evidence

Examples where chemically treated inks provide cool functionality for visual evidence

Asian Thermal Transfer Ribbon Pricing and the Environment

Why the Asian low cost bubble is about to burst.

Security Holographic Labels Save The Day

Custom holograms become nearly impossible to counterfeit and duplicate, and can often be used in place of tamper evident prescription pads.

Bonding Tightly: Unity As The New Adhesive

When working towards a common mission or goal, focusing on what we have in common is healthier than focusing on our differences.

Anti-Counterfeiting With Taggants

The chemical taggants, which are detected spectroscopically, can be utilized in different places including labels, within or on the product itself, dissolved in liquids, or embedded in its packaging.

Guaranteeing Authenticity with QR Codes

This is a good start in thwarting counterfeiters. It links the manufacturer directly to the end-user, which will be essential when the pharmaceutical companies start adopting this method.

Cutting Edge Thermal Printer Brand is The New Sheriff in Town

While I was aware that CAB Technology had been around for decades, I was not aware of what they had to offer. Their tag line “we identify more,” is spot on.

Home Security Systems: Total Cost and the Fine Print

So in six years, the “free” system actually ends up costing over $1,000 more, without any of the benefits of my custom, higher-end system. Sometimes staying with a smaller local company with a professional owner is just better.

Be Happier 7 Days A Week!

I recently snapped up a book with the catchy title, “Every Day A Friday.” The book takes a decent stab at flushing this out and providing real life scenarios to help increase our level of happiness.

Why Durable Labels and Outdoor Signage Fail

Those responsible for ordering durable labels would be best served by reaching out and doing business with sales professionals who can guarantee the proper solution. Sometimes, as in this case, the alternative is too expensive.

Sato Replaces Legacy Thermal Printer Line with New Model

Apparently this new printer is such a game changer, that Sato decided to replace their product line of five legacy models.

Security and Anti-Counterfeit Printing Example: US $100 Bill

Printing a paper note in full color, with some newly implemented security features, requires more resources than paper notes issued prior. With the latest printing technology, the intended effect of thwarting counterfeiters is becoming almost a certainty.

What’s Up With the Hidden Security Graphic on the $100 Bill?

Grab a crisp $100 bill at your bank, and see who you think is in the hidden watermark.

How to Determine Whether a Label is Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal

Next time you need to determine what type of thermal label material you have, give these tips a shot.

Gov't Tampering with IT Devices and US Security

How do we know what, if anything, was planted in US servers and routers as they were being assembled overseas?

How to Qualify Suppliers for Your Business Success

The five areas outlined here are what I use to qualify pending and existing suppliers. Hopefully you can apply these to your business.

Hands on Showdown: Bartender 10 vs. Nicelabel Pro Designer 6 Case Study

A hands on label printing case study comparing Bartender with NiceLabel.The form feature offered by NiceLabel enabled me to present the exact solution that was required by the prospect.

A Bar Code Resource Portal For All

If you are looking for barcoding reference materials, resources, and the latest news, make sure to stop by and take a gander of what "The Bar Code News" site has to offer.

Heating Up Your Thermal Printer Maintenance Schedule

The main idea behind a thermal printer maintenance schedule is to reduce label printing issues—before they arise. Keeping your printers clean and well maintained will result in less printing hassles, and will increase the life of your printers.

Nicely Suited Under The Gun: Hailing Full Service Sales Pros

The next time you are under the gun with a mandate from a customer or boss, it may be well-worth considering your options and the trade-offs between discount and full service pricing, time saved, and simply getting yourself the best long-term solution-the first time around.

How QR Codes Work: One Simple Example

Barcode scanning appears to work like magic, when it is in fact a basic technology.

Bar Codes Help Brew Your Perfect Cup of Jo

A new line of intelligent beverage brewers utilize bar codes to automatically brew the proper cup of coffee, latte, cappuccino, or expresso. My wife wants to know how this barcode technology works.

Job Creation: A View From the Private Sector

Businesses that are busy are the ones who will hire first. Until that happens, any discussion on job growth is just rhetoric.

Remedies for Non-Scannable Bar Codes

By utilizing the proper grade of thermal transfer ribbon, adjusting the printer driver settings, and considering the orientation of the barcodes, misprinted barcodes can be minimized.

Why Buyers Should Consider Independent Customer Reps

For the past decade I have approached the customer relationship from a different perspective. I refer to myself as an “independent customer rep,” rather than a sales rep. There are major differences between the two.

Label Printing Jobs: Why Human Proof Reading Is Required

While label printers and copy publishers continue to rely on the enhanced technology of computerized spell checkers, proofreading by humans is still essential!

How Your Business Can Benefit from Foldout Booklet Labels

Government regulatory mandates will continue to increase, global markets will continue to increase, and the need to reduce packaging costs will continue to increase. These factors will drive an increased demand for fold out and booklet labels. How can your business benefit from these type of labels?

Cool Design: Branded Carton Security Tape

Watch designer Fossil/Skagen Denmark is utilizing a security tape on their cartons, with a unique tamper evident feature.

5 Reasons We Don’t Use Quickbooks Software

Quickbooks Software may be the most popular small business accounting software, but it is really just a glorified checkbook.

PMS Color Matching on Labels: A Primer

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) allows for coordinating color matches that are consistent and help ensure that label print jobs meet everyone’s expectations.

Beware: Scammers Out In Droves

Here is one recent example of an email scam I received this week, and a few tips on how to determine if a potential lead or sale is legitimate.

Why Zebra Desktop Printers are Dinosaurs

Zebra desktop printers, even though they have the strongest brand name, are not as good of a value for those in search of a table-top bar code printer.

Obvious and Overlooked Ways to Go Green at Work

Here we point out some obvious, but often overlooked examples to help you get into the habit of going green

Made In USA or Made in China: Does It Matter?

Does purchasing goods Made In the USA really make a difference? How do you really know if it is? In the race by companies to provide the best value and prices the origin of a product and it's components can often get a bit murky.

3 Examples of How 3D Printers Are Revolutionizing Manufacturing

Ink jet or what I refer to as “nozzle technology” is re-shaping many industries. Here are three examples where ink jet is causing disruptions to existing industries, while giving birth to new ones.

Color Label Printer Options in 2014

Last year, I wrote a blog about color label printers, and some new trends. The trends continue in favor of the consumer, and I am happy to report that in-house color label printing has finally reached the point where it is a more viable consideration for small businesses.

How to Stay Afloat In This Bubble Economy

Underlying events could make current optimistic economic headlines do an abrupt about face—when one or more bubbles goes “pop.” Some suggestions to help shield you from the bubbles.

How Smartphones Are Making Us Dumb

While smartphones certainly offer convenience, the screens are too small to read, scroll, and pick up on all of the details, leading to miscommunication.

How to Justify a Career In Sales

For those who can get over the initial rejections and keep a determined, persistent, positive frame of mind, a career in sales sure beats the heck out of cubicle work and a fixed income.

Print Customized Security Tape in House

Customized tamper evident security products offer major benefits over generic products procured from catalogue and on-line resellers. RighterTrack is pleased to introduce a turnkey solution for imprinting and customizing your own security tape in-house!

Why Sales People Will Remain Viable in Google’s World

Sales people have existed for as long as humans have, and my prediction is that as human interaction continues to dissipate, the requirement and desire for buyers to deal with professional sales people, for non-commodity purchases, will increase as well.

Why Microsoft Won’t Be Obsolete by 2017

A recent Gartner Report certainly has an attention grabbing “click through” headline— but the article itself fails to recognize Microsoft’s future growth potential for enterprise software.

Bartender vs. Nicelabel - Which Is The Better Label Software?

A recent award from Top Ten Reviews went to Seagull Scientific’s Bartender software for The Best Label Software of the year. However, the review is flawed and includes some misleading data.

Leveraging Emerging Barcode Scanner Trends

One recent trend with bar code scanner manufacturers is "future-proofing" hardware options.

Easy, Low-End Security Printing

George Righter is interviewed by Margie Dana on the subject of low end, tamper-evident, security printing; including techniques on how to create on normal office printers.

Your Small Business Success: Learning From Disney’s Customer Experience Magic

What exactly is it that keeps travelers returning to Disney, again and again? How can your business learn from Disney’s model to ensure the ultimate customer experience?

On The Mark: Amazon’s New Tamper Evident Carton Sealing Tape

Amazon's new water activated carton security tape. For carton sealing, this type of tape offers many advantages over the plastic carton sealing tapes.

Free Simple Tips To Help Prevent Identity Theft

George Righter offers tips for preventing identity fraud and some of the ways you could be at risk.

Chinese Business Etiquette: What Americans Can Learn

Chinese firms represent a huge opportunity for American businesses, if they are willing to step out and present their offerings. Here's some tips on business etiquette.

Security Tape Options II: The State Of The Union

An overview of tamper evident security tapes and their uses including: cutting down on employee theft and product tampering.

Color Label Printer Options

Overview of the history of color label printers, and the different options to consider before purchasing.

Color Label Printing with Monochrome Direct Thermal Printers?

Why or how in the world would companies be able to print multi-color labels on equipment that was designed for black, monochrome direct thermal printing? And is this printing technology viable?

Why Thermal Label Printing Continues to Dominate Ink Jet and Laser Label Printing

Label printing options include impact, laser, and ink jet. However, for the majority of industrial labels, thermal printing technology is still the industry standard.

The Right Rx for Label Accuracy

Mangar Medical Packaging eliminates labeling errors with on-demand printing solution

Bar Coding: Elements and Implementation

The basic elements of a bar code system are covered.

Bar Codes: Between The Lines

George RIghter walks through common bar code types and their use in various industries.

Tamper Evident Security Tape Options

Here we will examine some pros and cons of the different array of tamper evident tapes that are available today. This should help in selecting the appropriate type of security tape for the particular application.

Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer Label Printers

Thermal printer comparisons and advice on choosing a thermal transfer label printer or direct thermal label printer.

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